Experiences & Testimonials

JH (Napier)

Dear Jackie, what a wonderful experiences you opened p for us!! Right from day one you were there for us, giving a caring word of encouragement, advice where to go, how to look after ourselves, taking us to exciting places etc.

Thank you again for arranging all our procedures,, travel, accommodation, pages of advice and travel ideas, and the delicious banana smoothie!!! I shall certainly be passing your details onto anyone else thinking of having some alterations made to their bodies!

You’re a very special lady Jackie with a beautiful soul. Loving thoughts.

Jane - Brow Lift

Twice I put off have surgery, always coming up with one excuse or another, too poor, too busy, too scared! Finally I took the plunge. I went up to Thailand along with my long suffering husband and met with the surgeon at the hospital. We were met at the airport as promised and whisked down a highway for 1 ¾ hours and dropped off at our hotel only footsteps from the beach and shopping malls.
Next day I met with my surgeon at the hospital. He was so honest and humble and caring, so, so caring that you feel so safe and secure with him. He will tell you honestly on what results can be expected and what in his opinion you can do. He never once, sold me on a dream or sugar coated anything to make me feel better about having surgery with him. Hence, that is the allure about this doctor; that being such an artist and having vast experience that he could walk around with a diva attitude but instead it is quite the contrary. He was so humble and down to earth and made my consultation such a great experience. He listened to me and answered my questions and never once made me feel rushed. I had the same experience with the surgery. I had been told so many horror stories about having the brow lift that I almost did not want to have it done. But my surgeon assured me that in his opinion it would give me the best results and he was so on point with his suggestion. I am more than thrilled with the outcome. I am so happy to have my almond shape eyes back. I felt no pain at all and the bruising was so minimal that I was quite surprised because I was expecting to see my bruising and swelling to be a lot worse.

Charlotte - Blepharoplasty

Well, today is two days away from the day I've waited for, for so long! I am a 34 year old wife and mother of one. Due to health issues and genetics I've had bags for as long as I can remember...I'm so excited and nervous for my lower Blepharoplasty I am to the point that I "hide behind my glasses" to hide the bags... I feel/hope that this will restore my once beautiful features.

Day 1: Finally! Upper and lower lids done today. Other than nausea, I’m feeling great...swelling and bruising of course. But finally on my way to not seeing puffy lids

Day 2: Overall not feeling too terrible :) cold compress every hour, a lot of bruising/swelling and some nausea. Pain is a 2 on scale of 1-10

Day 3: Today feeling not much pain, mostly from fat grafting and nausea from anaesthetic

Day 4: Started out pretty rough, a kid punched me in the eye by accident :( and difficulty in going #2 as I was worried about stitches (lovely side effect of general anaesthetic. But overall coming along nicely

Day 5: Today only minor pressure from stitches and swelling...bruises turning yellow :)

Day 6: Still ridiculously swollen and bruised but coming along nicely. I have been drinking a lot of water and sleeping elevated

2 weeks later
Essentially I love my new eyes....they look great. The hilarious thing is that my golf has improved!

Suzy - Breast Augmentation

Going for surgery changed my life; I have wanted a breast augmentation for years. I've had numerous "consults" with doctors but going to Thailand was a fraction of the price compared to New Zealand. The hospital and office staff are top notch, everyone goes above and beyond. My surgeon took his time, and my results are AMAZING! Thailand has a lot of plastic surgeons so I am pleased I met Jackie as she really did point me in the right direction saving months of researching, you know Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is the place to go.

Pam (Rotorua)- Breast lift, inner thigh lift, face lift, brow lift, body lift, lower eye lift.

I have been with Jackie on her tours 4 times in the past 8 years (each time for a differenct surgery) she gives such amazing service, she is with you basically holding your hand the entrie time,she sits with you throughout the consultation, she is there next to the bed when you come out of surgery, and then ensure you feel comfortable and secure the entire 2 weeks. I would never do this on my own, going with Jax makes the surgery into an adventure.

Julie (Mount Maunganui)

This trip changed my life! i found the confidence that I had lost over the years, and at 69 having a full face lift/neck lift, brow llit together with a breast lift and implants I felt as though I had regained areas of my life that I thought were lost forever. So happy, and Jax was with me pre and post surgery, and even to this day she is often keeping in contact checking in!