20 APRIL / 4 MAY
15 JUNE / 29 JUNE
03 AUG / 17 AUG
28 SEPT / 12 OCT (school holiday)
30 NOV / 14 DEC

(all departures dependant on group number being 6+)


*other group departures can be arranged for a minimum of 6 clients.

FLIGHTS: Auckland to Thailand return/economy

Based on “special fares” includes tax and surcharge
(Subject to a minimum of 4 persons travelling on same date, and subject to currency fluctuations)

  • NZ escort dedicated to group
  • 13 nights/14 days accommodation at Centara Pattaya, including flights
  • Buffet breakfast
  • $2199 per person (shared twin/double overlooking pool)
  • $2699 per person (own room overlooking pool and includes breakfast)
  • Initial consultation free of charge
  • Booking fee $500 per surgery client for administration, consultation between NZ and Thailand, forwarding of files etc
  • Additional nights at $80pp (twin share)

Terms and Conditions for Jackie Brown Travel Group
 known as “Bum, Tums and Gums”


1. Medical and dental procedures have potential risks as well as potential benefits. For that reason, you should consider the overseas treatment option carefully. If you have any queries or concerns, discuss them with your doctor – and ask what is best for you. While it is a practical first step, the evaluation of your case which will be made remotely, using photographs and information which you will supply, does not, as is not intended to, replace an individual assessment made by a health care professional in person.


2. JBTG  is a trading name of Jackie Brown Travel Group/ Bums, Tums and Gums. Any contract which arises directly or indirectly from any promotion, from or through the JBTG  website, or if a customer is introduced by a third party, is between the customer and JBTG , and not between the customer and the member of JBTG ’s staff or management team, with whom the customer may be dealing.

Travel Accommodation and Transfers

3. Prices shown in the JBTG website are for low season airfares and accommodation for travel. The cost of travel and accommodation will be greater during the more expensive high season. Individual travel packages are also more expensive. Once booked, the cost of airline tickets and accommodation is not refundable.
4. Airline flights are ex-Auckland. Customers outside of these cities must get themselves to their airport for outward flights or contact JBTG to arrange connecting domestic flights.
5. Until flights are actually booked with, and confirmed by, the relevant airline, flights sought on any particular date or dates and at any particular time or times, are subject to availability of seats. Tickets for flights will issue on the carriers’ standard terms and conditions.
6. Hotel accommodation is also subject to availability – and is on the relevant hotel’s applicable terms and conditions. You agree that, if the proposed accommodation is not available, JBTG may arrange accommodation at another hotel with the same “star” rating in the same city.
7. Flights and accommodation will be arranged for the customer by a TAANZ accredited travel agency (Travelsmart and Travel Managers). The travel agency has no financial links to JBTG, and JBTG is not liable for any errors or omissions made by the airline carrier, the hotel where it is proposed that the customer is to stay, or by the travel agency.
8. You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance before your departure. The travel agency, or your insurance broker or adviser, may be able to assist you to arrange travel insurance. Please note that most New Zealand insurers do not provide cover for problems in relation to or arising from, elective medical or dental procedures administered during travel outside of New Zealand.
9. The price does not include transfers from the airport to your hotel when you arrive at your destination and from your hotel to the airport for departure. It also does not include transport between your hotel and the hospital or dental surgery for your pre-surgery consultation (if applicable), and for the treatment itself. However the hospital will supply transfers payable direct to them.
10. Once the medical or dental team has made a preliminary assessment, we will advise you of the price for travel and accommodation in New Zealand dollars, and the expected price for the medical or dental procedure in local currency.
11. You are welcome to make your own arrangements for flights to and from, and accommodation at, the city where the procedure is to be undertaken. If you do, JBTG’s fee to you for making arrangements for the procedure, is $250.00. You should make firm arrangements for the procedure with us before finalising your own bookings – otherwise JBTG may not be able to arrange the procedure on a date which fits in with the flights and other arrangements which you have booked. JBTG’s fee is payable in conjunction with your booking of the procedure.

Medical/Dental Procedure

12. The procedure will be carried out in a hospital or dental surgery, and the surgeon or dentist will consult with you and undertake a careful examination before you finally commit yourself to the procedure.
13. Subject to you making payments as stipulated, we will assist you with arrangements for a preliminary assessment and consultation. This will involve you providing photographs and/or x-ray images which will be sent to the hospital or dental surgery for examination and analysis. We will send you more information about the photographs and x-ray images. After examining the images, the hospital’s medical team, or the dentistry team, will advise if you are suited to the medical or dental procedure which you seek. If the medical or dental team concludes that you are not suited for that procedure, it may suggest an alternative, which could be more costly than the price previously suggested. You can, of course, elect not to proceed.
14. The medical and dental teams have a well-developed ability to use photographs and/or x-ray images to assess a customer’s suitability for particular procedures. Naturally, however, a personal consultation and physical examination must be arranged. In the unlikely event that the surgeon or dentist advises at the final consultation, that the procedure assessed from the photographs or x-ray images is not adequate for your needs, an alternative procedure may be recommended. This may change the price. You can, of course, for any reason, elect not to proceed. If you decide not to have a procedure, there will be no charge to you for that aspect – but you must, of course, still pay for the airfares and accommodation.


15. A date or dates for consultation and surgery must be arranged and booked in advance. Dates are subject to availability. It is essential that the payments specified by JBTG are paid on the dates stipulated. Time is of the essence. If any payment is not made as required, bookings may not be made, and any bookings already made may be cancelled. Because flights and accommodation are subject to availability, JBTG will probably ask you for payment more or less immediately after you have advised the flights and accommodation that you want.
16. The price for the medical or dental procedure is payable by you to the hospital or the dental practice, in local currency. Prices given to you in New Zealand dollars are close to the local currency equivalent as at the date they are notified, or displayed on the Bums, Tums and Gums website, but the rate of exchange may alter between the date of purchase and the time of the surgery. An increase in the value of the New Zealand dollar relative to the local currency will reduce the price for the surgery in New Zealand dollar terms. A reduction in the value of the New Zealand dollar relative to the local currency will increase the cost of the surgery in New Zealand dollar terms.

Our Position

17. JBTG assists customers to arrange cosmetic surgery and dental surgery in Asia. The cosmetic surgery and associated medical treatment is provided by medical professionals, and the dental procedures are provided by qualified dentists. JBTG does not itself provide or supply the cosmetic surgery, the medical treatment, or the dental treatment, and JBTG’s services are provided, and you proceed, strictly on the basis that:
(a) you have assessed the implications and risks of undertaking treatment in Asia on your own, without being influenced or persuaded to do so by JBTG ; and
(b) you acknowledge and accept that the role of JBTG is limited as set out above, and that JBTG is not responsible or liable for the quality or efficacy of any procedure or treatment, or for any injury or defect or disability or difficulty which occurs during, or arises after or as a consequence of, any procedure or treatment or any action or inaction on the part of the treatment provider or personnel, before, during, or after the procedure or treatment; and
(c) you release JBTG  from any and all responsibility and liability that JBTG  might otherwise have had in relation to any procedure or treatment.