Price List

For inquiries regarding pricing for any additional surgical procedures at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Thailand, kindly contact us to obtain a customised quote.

* All prices shown are an estimation only and may be affected by your requirements, currency exchange rates and any other unforseeable circumstances.

For a firm quotation please contact Bums, Tums and Gums
When you contact JBTG NZ Ltd you will be asked to fill in a genral medical form, and supply photographs of the area/s or concern. These images are then sent up to the  surgeons at the hospital who will supply a written quote in 7-10 days.

Note that we use the two BDMS hospitals in Pattaya, The more economically priced  (as per price list on this page) is Jomtien Hospital opened just 4 years ago,  a secondary care hospital with total of 232 structured beds. Jomtien hospital targets both international and local patients, and expands to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya patient base. 

Jomtien Hospital offers a range of cosmetic surgery services that are generally more affordable compared to those at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. Some of the services available include breast augmentation, knee replacement surgery, and various aesthetic procedures.

If you need detailed pricing or further assistance in choosing the right hospital for your procedure, feel free to contact us, and we can help gather the necessary information for you.

Pricing at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is generally more costly than at Jomtien Hospital. However, we can access detailed prices on your behalf to provide the best options for your needs.