Dental Treatments

The heart of Bangkok Hospital Dental Centre Holistic Care and Dental Implant is to keep your oral care healthy.
We are ready to make you smile with confidence in every stage of your life.
Our personalized oral care program is planned by our experienced dental specialists.
Together with their high technology equipment, their dental team can restore your dental health and complete oral care.
Whether it is for aesthetic to align your teeth to enhance your personality, dental implant to improve your quality of your daily life or repair and restore your damaged teeth, at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital they can comprehensively answer all of your oral problems.

The Bangkok Hospital Dental Centre Holistic Care And Dental Implant  in Thailand with JCI Standard achieved the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation standards which focus mainly on the safety of the patients.
Using current dental technology which is rapidly evolving, they offer comprehensive oral healthcare including prevention and treatment to our patients at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Thailand.
Each dental equipment has been tested to meet required standards.
Our team of dental health professionals at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Thailand are continuously improving service quality and dental knowledge.
With over 120 dental health professionals in multidisciplinary service team, Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Thailand, they are ready to care for all our patient’s needs from
Invisalign, root canal, digital smile design, one-day crown, to elderly care and special dental requirements as well as pediatric dentistry, etc.

Operative & Esthetic Dentistry

The Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Thailand treatment involves restoration of damaged tooth to its normal function, as well as esthetic such as tooth filling, inlay, on-lay, dental crown, ceramic veneer.
This includes repairment of colour and shape and retore any materials that are worn-out.


The treatment at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Thailand focuses on inflammatory disease around teeth such as gum, periodontal ligament, root canal and alveolar bone.
The procedure is to remove plaque and bacteria through scaling, root planing and gum surgery.


The procedure at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Thailand involves infection treatment by removing damaged dental pulp from nerve cavity and root canal, cleaning, sterilizing and filling tooth canal and nerve cavity before restoration and crowning.

It is a sophisticated procedure which needs a microscope to visualize the root canal effectively.

Implant Dentistry

This is a method of replacing natural tooth by creating a dental implant that looks like a screw to attach to the jawline.
It can replace the missing tooth while giving the closest feeling to your natural tooth.
The fixed implant such as an implant-supported crown and implant bridge or removable dentures.
Be aware though that implant surgery involves sittings/appointment  at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Thailand 4 - 6 months apart.

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