Travel insurance is highly recommended when travelling. Kiwi Holiday Insurance has assigned a unique link to our groups. This will allow you to arrange a quote, review the cover available and if you choose to proceed, you can issue the policy and make payment online.

Please note there is no NZ insurance that covers elective surgery, and since cosmetic surgery is elective (you have chosen to do it) Travel Insurance exists to cover the unforeseen, not situations where risk is likely. Undergoing a cosmetic procedure overseas is considered high risk and therefore it's very rare for travellers who are going overseas specifically for medical procedures to be covered at all! Having said all that, will still allow you to buy a policy even if the purpose of your trip is elective surgery, under these policies, you'll be covered for travel insurance benefits such as travel delays or personal liability, but not for any claims related to the surgery, or any complications that arise from the surgery.

So, for example, you wouldn’t be covered if you are too ill post-surgery to return home on your scheduled flight. As your flight cancellation was a direct result of your elective surgery, it would not be covered, or claimable.

Policy Wording is available here

If you have any questions you can contact myself or the Kiwi Holiday Insurance team. If you require a medical assessment, you can also arrange this by following the instructions within the quote process.

Kiwi Holiday Insurance

However, I do work with a USA company that will cover elective surgery I work with a company in the USA who are utilised by the hospital I use Global Protective Solutions

Global Protective Solutions