About Jackie Brown Travel Group and Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

I have worked in the travel arena since the age of 18, and that was an eon ago!

Also as a senior lecturer in adult education, I have tutored travel agents, tour guides and airline staff. As a professional speaker I also promote the tourism industry by conducting workshops, guest speaker at conferences and escort Travel Smart groups to Thailand for restorative surgery.

As a qualified travel consultant, a European tour guide and wedding event manager and celebrant I have worked globally and feel comfortable talking to groups from all cultures and in any location.

I am a life long learner and have a qualification in "Coaching and Mentoring" from Waikato University, plus I have papers in counselling skills.

I discovered a new pathway in my own life's journey and fell in love with the idea of becoming a celebrant. I have now officiated marriages for over 500 couples.

Recently (since lock down) I have created and I deliver on behalf of the NZ government a free three week course to empower women who have been displaced, funded by the ministry of social development I run "Changing Lanes" up and down the East cape of NZ.

I personally had restorative surgery in Thailand in 2013. It was always something I knew I would do, It was never a question of if, only when!

Seeing a very tired version of my eyes, my neck and face made me realise how much it was affecting me! OK I was in good nick, I was healthy and have always had a positive outlook on life.......but after surgery I felt like I had won lotto.

Everyone has an opinion about surgery, but what I have learnt is that you can't do things to please people, but you must be open to pleasing yourself.

I loved the results and so created a niche market and as tour guide I could share my stories, work with clients wanting restorative surgery and help meet others needs, at times of transition in their lives.

I have worked in the travel industry for 50 years (yes that makes me ancient), as the operator of "Bums, Tums and Gums" cosmetic surgery in Thailand, Surgical weight loss tours (www.surgicalweightloss.co.nz) in Mexico, a broker for Travel Managers Group (now affliate of Flight Centre)my role is to book your flights and accommodation and then escort you to Thailand.

Your Group Surgery Tour is always methodically planned to ensure that each member's specific requirements are catered for, both with Travel and Surgery.

Our frequent visits to the seaside resort of Pattaya in Thailand for cosmetic surgery and dentistry, and our established partnerships with our Hospital and Surgeons is your assurance that things will all run smoothly.

From personal experience I can ensure you will have VIP treatment with our Surgeons and Hospitals, something not all agencies will be able to offer. When you are in Pattaya you won’t need to worry about where and how to barter, converting currency, where and what to eat or even how to call home! Our experience is available on hand during your stay for you to utilise.

Also it is good to remember that you are dealing with a JCI accredited hospital (not a clinic) that is part of the BDMS group of worldwide hospitals that offer everything from Orthapedic, maternity, cardio, to just a few, ltogether this hosptial offers 400 beds, 100 full time doctors, 16 floors and 2 buildings of fist class wards, operating theatres and specialist departments.

One-stop shop: All your health and beauty needs can be met without the inconvenience of moving from one hospital to another.

A wide range of beauty treatments and plastic surgery procedures are carried out at this state-of-the-art medically licensed institution, which means you receive the highest quality of medical treatment & care.

In the best hands: The staff at Pattaya are trained at some of the best medical institutions in Thailand and continue to engage in medical education in the form of seminars, scientific meetings and conventions locally and abroad.

Speaking your language: Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Jomtien Branch provides staff fluent in English throughout the hospital, making communication simple. Their International Department has interpreters in more than 20 languages with Interpreters available for Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai and more.